’70s Fashion Trends: The Hottest Trends of the ’60s, ’70s, & ’80s

by Parmie

70s fashion trends

’70s fashion trends focused on fun & color, the eras before & after also had their extravagant moments which made fashion that much more interesting!

’70s Fashion Trends

Wild prints and colors on dresses, skirt and blouses were a huge hit. High platform shoes with five-inch wedges were the popular footwear of choice.

TV and movie idols included Marcia Brady from the Brady Bunch and actor John Travolta.

Skirts came in three lengths, the short mini-skirt of the ’60s was now considered too short by many. Lengths included the 60s mini, midi which was between the knee and ankle and then the maxi which reached the floor.

A key trend for pants in the ’70s for women was the hip hugger, a style that sits below the waist and hugs the hips.

Jumpsuits also became popular for both women and men!

Accessories in the form of jewelry became top sellers in the 70s. Peace sign pendants were seen on the younger generation, thread style necklaces and bracelets layered were also seen in multiple colors.

Belts and traditional handbag handles were replaced with beaded versions.

Handmade pieces replaced mass produced fashion for the young generation of fashionistas as individuality took over.

’60s Fashion Trends

Hippies took over the majority of the late sixties fashion scene. Included on the “in” list were headbands, beads, wide collars, necklaces, embroidery, wide belts, mini-skirts, and PVC boots.

For the first half of the sixties popular women’s dress styles were similar to that of the fifties; pleated and swing style dresses. Conservative and lady-like in style.

For the second half of the sixties hemlines went shorter. For those not interested in the hippie style dresses remained conservative but colors went brighter.

Pants during the sixties were seen in a variety of styles from capris, and culottes, to bell-bottoms. Pants were often worn during women’s days off or for causal wear, as they still were not considered work or school appropriate.

When it came to shoes patent materials became highly coveted as they could be produced in every color imaginable. Square toes came in, some in different colors to the base color of the shoe.
When relaxing tennis shoes were often seen in pastel colors. Go-go boots or ankle boots were a huge hit with the younger generation, especially as the mini-skirt took over.

Along with the change in the shoe scene came the popularity of socks in every color and pattern! The most wanted length for socks worn with shoes was just below the knee.

’80s Fashion Trends

From conservative to wild, the eighties saw it all when it came to fashion.

The conservative fashion set saw both men and women dressed in power suits; details included shoulder pads, blazers in longer looser styles than previous seasons, silk blouses, and thin ties.

When not working leggings became the pant choice for casual days. Often worn with oversized sweaters, tees and loose blouses as well as accessorized with belts in every width.

For the wilder set Madonna became an inspiration. Bustiers worn as outerwear during the day was normal, costume jewelry was considered as bigger the better, and lace became the fabric of choice.

Neon colors were seen on everything from pants, tops, and accessories.

The eighties fashion scene made a statement whichever social group you belonged to!

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